What makes a Celebration of Life special? The person you are celebrating and the memories you create!

Once in a lifetime, you have the opportunity to celebrate someone's life. What would be a more appropriate way of doing that, than with family and friends remembering the sad, happy and joyful memories? The Celebration of Life is a rite of passage. It gives friends and family the opportunity to honor their loved one. Partaking in a celebration remembering the joy and happiness your loved one shared with friends and family, everyday. Keepsake Your Memories creates a visual remembrance of the ceremony for family and friends.

There are no rules…………..it is what you want and what you think the celebrant would want! Keepsake Your Memories brings it to life!

Here are a few ideas that you might want help you put together your Celebration of Life Ceremony:

  • Determine where and when you want to have the Celebration of Life!

  • Balloon Release-Guest launch them into the sky in unison!

  • Tossing flowers into the ocean!

  • Spreading ashes at the Celebration of Life with friends and family members at Crater Lake (a permit is required Download the permit here) or other sites the celebrant enjoyed!

  • Video Slideshow playing on a TV in the background including photos from childhood and throughout their life at their best and happiest moments!

  • Display a memory board with photos and awards for everyone to enjoy!

  • Provide a guest book

  • Food and Refreshments-it doesn't have to elaborate; relatives and friends can contribute!

  • Arrange for favorite recorded music or a live band!


  • Keepsake Your Memories can provide the visual memories, conjoined with the celebrants favorite recorded music. The entire celebration provided on DVD’s for family and friends. Memories that will live forever!

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