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When important ceremonies or celebrations are happening, the pictorial recording of the event is a memory that, if well done, will endure forever. At special moments family members and friends are emotionally involved in the event or absent and precious memories may not be captured. If they are captured they may not be in a format that can easily be shared. Keepsake Your Memories can provide you a program that can be easily shared with as many people as you like in a combination of pictures and accompanying music if desired.

When friends lost loved ones this year I was asked to take photos at their Celebration of Life. This was a special event for them and I wanted to capture the Celebration in a way that would create a loving memory. The end result was a memorable recording of the Celebration of Life. Keepsake Your Memories can capture your event providing a living memory of any special event.

Special events can take place in many environments, public, private, indoors or outdoors. A special event can be a Celebration of Life, baby christening, graduation, etc. For your memories the high quality pictorial of the event will bring you high quality, lasting memories. Keepsake Your Memories will capture the moment of great memories and bring them to you in a professional presentation.

Together we will determine what you want to take with you from your special event. We will discuss the entire event and between us create a memory plan. Let me help you incorporate your ideas along with my skills to create a memorable tribute. All your photos will be given to you on a CD or DVD. The DVD will be created along with the music provided by you or enjoyed at the event if it is recorded. The DVD slide show and music can be enjoyed with whomever you wish to share on their own DVD.

Here is an example my work!

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